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Revolutionizing Platform Security Compliance !!

Technitto launches OS-VASP (Operating System – Vulnerability Audit & Scanning Platform) for Compliance Check


MSME : TN-02-0025172

Keep your IT Platform & Infra Secure

OS-VASP Enterprise is a specialized auditing solution for
UNIX/LINUX-based systems. This helps Hosting companies, Data centers, and
Cloud providers to get required insights about their security
defenses, including system hardening and compliance checking.

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OS-VASP real-time compliance check

OS-VASP delivers validated solutions mapped to CIS, DISA & NIST benchmarks that enhances your platform security and results in a much more secure and hardened server operating environment.

Every computing resource that are online and is susceptible to attack, server hardening is a near absolute solution to perform on your servers. Technitto’s OS-VASP helps Organizations to protect your servers and establish solid and sophisticated server hardening policies for all servers.


Measure your security defenses.

Track  regularly and protect your valuable assets.

Hardening Policy based on CIS, DISA, NIST


Apply Harden policies

Apply specific Checks

Integrate with Change Management

Apply and revoke hardening


Real-time reporting

Historical reporting

Compliance reporting

Audit-trail & Change history


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Native Engine

Platform native VASP Engine for routine OS security in-depth  monitoring , and can detect areas undiscovered by normal vulnerability scanners.

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Centralized & Policy Driven

Scanner performs scans based on the subscribed policies. Standard CIS, DISA and NIST policies are supported. Policies can be customised to requirements. Centralized VASP Engine management through VASP Tower

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Modular Approach

Each policies have different modules. Each modules has different checks, Each checks can have multiple actions. Run any check, any module or entire policy on-demand.

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Detect & Alert

Native VASP Engine is scheduled to monitor changes against a policy and alert the Administrators through Email or ticketing system.

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Canned Compliance reports as per CIS, DISA & NIST standards.

Custom reports, Audit reports and Consolidated Risk reports

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Centralized Dashboard to monitor, real-time threats, vulnerability scoring violations, risks and security monitoring.

Security Health status of the environment.

Why Choose

OS-VASP developed by Certified Cyber Security professionals with more than 2 decades of IT Security experience and expertise.

Industry best practice Security implementation.


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Safe & Secure

Native Programming and no additional dependency

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24x7 Support

Stringent SLA and seamless support from experts & professionals

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Low Cost

Competitive pricing, Value for money, Best RoI and TCO benefits.

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